An injury that causes scarring and disfigurement causes not only physical pain, but significant emotional suffering as well. If you or someone close to you has been left scarred and disfigured by the negligent actions of another, it is important to consult with a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer.

At Miller & Ogorchock, S.C., we have the skill, experience and resources to handle complex personal injury cases involving scarring and disfigurement. We will work to help you obtain justice and compensation for the hardships you face due to this injury.

Scarring and Disfigurement Injury Damages

Scarring and disfiguring injuries affect people differently. If you rely upon your appearance to make a living —in sales or media for instance — a facial scar could hamper or even end your career. This could weigh heavily in assessing the wage loss damages for your personal injury lawyer claim. The law also tends to see scarring and disfiguring injuries as more damaging to women than men; and more damaging to the young than to the old.

Demographics aside, an injury that causes scarring or disfigurement is a life-changing event for anyone. People who suffer these injuries in car wrecks, workplace accidents, dog attacks and other accidents must contend with a wide range of hardships. Injury victims may have to endure physical therapy, reconstructive surgery, prosthetic surgery and other painful, expensive medical treatment.

Our attorneys will work with you personally to gain an understanding of how this injury has affected your life. We are experienced trial lawyers, and will work to help you pursue maximum compensation for your losses.

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