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Wisconsin Dog Bite Attorneys

Wisconsin has specific dog bite laws that hold pet owners liable and that compensate victims of dog bite injuries. Dog bites can be very serious injuries that can cause scarring and disfigurement as well as emotional injury. We have decades of experience representing victims of dog attacks throughout Wisconsin.

Wisconsin toddler dies after being attacked by pit bulls

People can be injured by a number of things – motor vehicle accidents, pedestrian accidents and biking accidents. There is, however, a growing concern with the number of dog bite-related injuries and deaths that have occurred in Wisconsin and throughout the U.S.

This concern surely hit home for the family of a toddler who lost his life after being attacked by two pit bulls recently. According to WISN 12 News, the police noted that they received a call informing them that two dogs were attacking a female and a 14-month-old boy.

Fatalities from dog bites in Wisconsin

According to the National Canine Research Council, there have been 16 dog bite-related deaths in the state of Wisconsin over the past 48 years. The NCRC also notes that dog bite fatalities are still quite rare, but when they do happen, they tend to gain a great deal of attention.

Wisconsin’s Dog Bite Law

Under the laws of Wisconsin, dog owners are held strictly liable for the damages and injuries resulting from an attack or bite of a dog. Additionally, injured parties should be aware that in cases where dog owners have known that their dog has caused injuries in the past, the owner can be required to pay double the amount in damages, along with various fines and penalties.

Wisconsin law also holds dog owners liable based on negligence and having knowledge of a dog’s dangerous propensity or inclinations. Simply stated, dog owners can be held legally responsible for the injuries inflicted by their dog that resulted from a dog that is known to act in a dangerous manner based on previous tendencies and actions.

Help for those who are injured

Anyone who has been injured or has had a loved one killed by a dog should consider speaking with a skilled personal injury attorney.